The Marine Configurator by Protex: Unleash the Power of 3D for Your Marine Industry Needs.

Send us your 3D models or have us create them for you, then add our plugin to your existing e-commerce solution. We will have you up and running in one week!

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The Ultimate Marine 3D Sales Tool

With Protex 3D product configuration software, boat builders and manufacturers are empowered to design their creations to the exact specifications of their customers. This not only allows for more informed decision-making on the part of the customer, but also instills a sense of confidence in the product before and throughout the sales process. The result is a heightened level of customer engagement and satisfaction, as individuals are able to visualize and fully realize their desired features and options in real-time.

3D Product Configuration

Add Protex to your product pages or create a builder page to increase conversions and reduce product return rates.

  • Allow customers to visualize and understand your product offering without calling your support team.
  • Help sales staff communicate with customers over the phone by sharing links to particular product configurations.
  • Increase the average price of each sale by driving users to bundle accessories.

Fully Configured Boat Builds In Your Customer’s Driveway

With our cutting-edge augmented reality technology, boating enthusiasts are given the unique opportunity to preview the integration of your boating products, accessories, and all other options in the specific environment of their choice, directly from your website. This level of immersive visualization not only allows for more informed decision-making, but also instills a sense of confidence in the product prior to making a purchase, thus enhancing the overall customer experience and helping to drive sales.

Augmented Reality

Allow customers to utilize the power of augmented reality to visualize your products and increase conversions by up to 40%.

  • Be one of the first to market with AR technology and experience free marketing as your customers share in their unique experience.
  • Our augmented reality technology allows true to scale integration within a given space. This allows customers to size your product offerings.
  • Significantly reduce product return rates as users are able to experience a product before it is purchased.

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Drive Conversions

Leverage technology

How many customers don't convert because they can't truly visualize your products? Forbes found that 40% of people are willing to pay more for a product if they can experience it first through AR. Protex enables your customers to configure their product, then visulize it in their own space using augmented reality.

Reduce Support

Empower the consumer

How much time does your team spend on the phone with potential customers? Protex enables consumers to build their perfect setup without ever calling sales for support. Scale your business without increasing your overhead by using Protex.

Eliminate Returns

Preview online products and reduce returns

Are returns killing your bottom line? Shopify customer Gunner Kennels found a 5% decrease in returns after enabling AR. No longer will your customers be suprised by their online purchase. Protex allows your customers to visualize your products--in every configuration--in exactly they way they plan to use it.

Automate Content

Utilize your existing assets

You already have the design files for your products, why should you pay for a photographer, videography, or animator to create content of new products or variations? Protex will allow customers to visualize your products without you lifting a finger.


See why customers love Protex.

"The Protex configurator has been a game changer for our sales team. Not only has our web traffic increased by over 25% since launching with Protex but our internal sales have also increased by nearly 15% with the ability to answer specific customer questions about configurable options in a way that was previously not possible."

Jason S.


"Our experience with Protex as both a company and tool for our ecommerce business has been outstanding. They have been very responsive throughout the onboarding process and have answered all of our questions in as much detail as needed. Protex has been quick to make any changes we request and open to ideas we have presented along the way. The 3d builder itself has seen good adoption among our customer base. Based on our average sale metrics this would easily cover the cost of onboarding items as well as our monthly fees."

Brian B.

General Manager

"We have loved our partnership with Protex. They are the best! Professional, great to work with and extremely responsive. We implemented the configuration tool on our website and social media channels over 6 months ago and have had a great response from our customers. People love visualizing our products before they make a big purchase. You can put a life size adventure van in your garage and walk through it. I mean the tool is incredible! We are excited to continue our partnership with Protex!"

Tiera S.

Director of Marketing

"Protex helped launch our new branding with their modeling and virtual photography services. We have been astounded by the quality and value of their work, and our digital marketing agency was incredibly impressed! I am excited to continue working with the team and would recommend Protex to any consumer goods business."

Collin R.


The need for digital augmentation is expanding. But you have deadlines to hit and budgets to keep. You could hire a firm to build a tool from the ground up and cross your fingers. Or you implement Protex and forget about it.

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